The Dragon Cast Ep.045 – Random Stuff

Hello listeners. Sorry for the quite late post. If you use iTunes or Stitcher you should have already noticed that this episode was posted a few days ago but here you go for those who listen directly. This was recorded a few weeks back by Mike and Dan. Compared to most episodes this one is short. We hope you enjoy it. Keep on playing those games and watching those anime.

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The Dragon Cast

Why Be a Designer?

Back in 2005 I went to collage for Computer Engineering but after my first year I decided that it was not for me and ended up not going back. After that I need to find a job to pay off my debt I incurred while there so I ended up doing what I am still doing now and that is building office furniture in a factory. It has been too many years with me mindlessly doing the same thing every day that I finally made the decision to go back to collage. I wanted to take on something that will keep me thinking while still being something I feel I will enjoy. That is where Full Sail and my choice to take on the Game Design course came in. So my desire to challenge myself while doing the things I love and the ability to use my creative side is what drives me to take on this challenge.


The things that concern me in this industry are what seems to be a lack of job security. So many talented people seem to be treated as if they are disposable. This could be one of the reasons the indie scene has really taken off these past few years. Even though it does concern me I am willing to take on the challenge and have accepted that I may not be able to get a job right away or with a developer I feel is that great. If I have to I will take on a job that I may not be the most enjoyment out of as long as I get my foot in the door. Then I can branch out when I have more experience to show. The only other concern I have is that with creating these games I may start to lose the interest and love I have always had throughout my life for video games. This will more than likely not happen but it is still something I see happening to some people. I am fine with having to constantly learn new things, as that is one of the reasons I want to take on this degree and having to relocate to a different location for my job is not a problem at this point in time as well. I have no wife or kids so worry about and since I knew I might not be around where I am now forever I have not established a strong foothold with a house or other major financial burden that I would have to worry about.


The path to a becoming a Game Designer does seem to be a challenging road and I am willing to take that road to do what I want to do in life. Besides what I am doing at Full Sail I have already branched out and been taking some classes through Coursera and edx that I feel will reinforce what I am already doing. Along with those things I am also reading up on and tinkering around with different tools that are used in game development such as 3DStudio Max, Unity, and Game Maker among many others.  Of course it will be better to concentrate on a few than all the different tools so that I can become a master at a few compared to a master of none. Since this is the game industry and it is global to do think being proficient at another language is a plus so you can communicate better with foreign entities. I have been taking advantage of social media to connect with others within the industry and using my podcast to get my ideas, opinions and anything else I have out so that others can hear. With my desire to go above and beyond what I need to be doing will help me have something to show to future employers.


Now for the reasoning why I want to be a designer. Well other than my love for video games I want to cause a shake up in the status quo. To many times have I seen the same types of games with basically the same mechanics with just a new skin being put out by publishers with a lack of innovation or desire to navigate away from what they know will sell. Yes I understand the reasoning behind why we see much of the same, games are expensive and these companies are businesses after all so they want to make as much profit as they can. I want to share my ideas with everyone while being able to create experiences for them that they may not of had before. Games are a great avenue to allow your audience to become part of the experience other than just a passive experience like in music or movies. These are some of the reasons why I want to take on the challenging task of being a designer.


- Michael