We are back from our slumber!


Yes we have returned. The prince has come to our rescue & gave us the kiss that has awakened us from our slumber or better yet the heroes have disturbed our slumber so now we have awaken to take them down.

It has been a while since there have been any post here but that will be changing. The podcast will also be starting up at some point in the near future too. We are looking forward to bring you our thoughts on video games, anime, as well as plenty of other things. Reviews here will based on opinion with no grading scale but we will say whether we think its worth a watch when it comes to anime & for video games what price we feel its worth. Do not expect much on news but if we find something interesting that is going around we might give our say on it from time to time. If you have any games or anime you would love for us to give our say on feel free to mention in the comments.

– mwvdragon

The Dragon Cast Ep.045 – Random Stuff

Hello listeners. Sorry for the quite late post. If you use iTunes or Stitcher you should have already noticed that this episode was posted a few days ago but here you go for those who listen directly. This was recorded a few weeks back by Mike and Dan. Compared to most episodes this one is short. We hope you enjoy it. Keep on playing those games and watching those anime.

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